SkyChunk [Survival] for Minecraft PE

SkyChunk [Survival] for Mcpe

SkyChunk is an extremely challenging survival map which forces you to survive on a much smaller space than anything you’ve probably experienced before. There is only water surrounding the island so you carefully have to use whatever resources you find on the island and not waste them.


Empty_Map, Check out their twitter here

How to play?

It’s a very pretty place which have all the things which you should need to survive. But the question is, for how long?


Get a pickaxe and go on an adventure to explore the depths of the SkyChunk island.


If you look carefully you will even find some diamonds.


Recommended Settings

  • Set difficulty to max
  • Play on survival

Download the SkyChunk Map for Mcpe


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Auto Spleef [Minigame] for Minecraft PE

Auto Spleef [Minigame] for Mcpe

Spleef maps are very fun to play but they are usually never fun to reset. This map aims to solve that problem by automatically doing it for you. This is done by integrating a cobblestone generator into the spleef floor. Whenever any of the floor blocks are destroyed it will repair itself within a few seconds. You can very easily change the floor reset timer in-game.



How to play?

All players should get a diamond shovel from one of the droppers. If you lose your shovel you can retrieve a new one here.


Enter the spleef arena and begin a countdown, either by voice or chat. The objective is to use the diamond shovel to destroy the floor underneath other players. If a player drops through he will die and is not allowed to enter until a new round starts.


The floor will automatically repair itself a few seconds after it has been damaged. This means that you never have to reset the map.


If you want to add some time so that it takes longer for the floor to repair itself then you can add some items to a hopper.



  • Don’t break other blocks than the cobblestone
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • You are not allowed to hit other players

Downloads for Auto Spleef Minigame for Mcpe




10 Redstone Creations Map for Minecraft PE

10 Redstone Creations for Mcpe

This is a great map which have multiple redstone creations which I have never seen before in Minecraft. Some of them include a hidden furnace cooker, a microwave and a smart cobblestone generator. The best thing is that most of the creations seem fairly easy to build.


ShirutoRivalMC, HiruseMC

Hidden Auto Furnace: Drop some raw food items on the dirt and then some coal on the grass path. Wait for a few seconds and then open the chest to find some freshly cooked food.


Microwave: This one works similar to the creation above. Drop a raw food item in the microwave and then stand on the yellow clay block to receive it cooked when it’s done.


Elevator: This is one of the best elevators I have come across. It’s very easy to use. Just stand on the correct block and then press a button to get to the top.


Multi Cobblestone Generator: This generator lets you generate cobblestones in three separate lines at the same time.


Hidden Room: To access the hidden room drop some signs on the coal block. It’s really good because no one would ever know about it unless they knew about it before.


There are more creations than the ones mentioned which can be discovered in-game. It’s a really good showcase if you are looking for inspiration for your next builds.

Download the Simple Redstone Creations Map for Mcpe

Mega Destroyer Minigame Map for Minecraft PE

Mega Destroyer Minigame for Mcpe

Mega Destroyer is an awesome PvE map which lets you play 12 different PvE arena games against computer controlled mobs. Once you’ve won some games and gained enough coins you can purchase upgrades such as new classes. This map is amazing if you want to train your battle skills in a controlled environment. But also really cool as it keeps statistics such as total kills and deaths.


TheEnderface, DarkPhantom, Animature

How to play?

There are 12 different PvE (player versus environment) games to play. As a newbie I would recommend to start out with ones described as “Easy” or “Very Easy”.

Before entering a level you will be able to choose between 6 different heroes. For the first couple of games you will only be able to select the Griefer. But as you level up you will be able to unlock more classes.

  • Archer (Level 60)
  • Arcanist (Level 150)
  • Mage (Level 30)
  • Warrior (Buyable class)
  • Reaper (Level 100)
  • Griefer (Level 0)


The objective in each game is to destroy the other team’s egg. Everyone (besides you) are computer controlled non-player characters.


You destroy the egg simply by hitting it until its health reaches zero.


But you always gotta keep fighting as the other team will always try to kill you. Each class has a special skill. Long-tap on the screen to use it.


Once you have won a game you will get some coins. The coins can be used for purchasing upgrades.


To view your total coins select the first hotbar slot. If you can’t see the coin item in your inventory then just restart the game and it should be visible.mega-destroyer-4

These are the classes which can be purchased.

  • Berserker: ground slam, earth berserk ($120000)
  • Reaper: regeneration, midnight poison ($70000)
  • Archer: arrow, ice barrier ($30000)
  • Mage: teleport, ender helper ($10000)
  • Warrior: fireball ($5000)


Feeling lucky? Go to the Coins Bomb room and gamble to win coins (or lose it all)!


Important: This map requires a ModPE mod which is included in the download. I tested it with BlockLauncher and there it worked fine.

Download the Mega Destroyer Minigame Map for Mcpe

Woodland Mansion Map for Minecraft PE

Woodland Mansion Map for Mcpe

The woodland mansion is an extremely rare structure which will be introduced in the Exploration Update (v1.11) for Minecraft on PC. Even if Pocket Edition doesn’t have this feature yet it’s definitely a possibility for a future update. Anyways, this map lets you explore the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The creators of the map have even gone as far as creating a customized texture pack to use with the map.


Mr Blockcrafter, Goreckicraft123 twitter here

mcpe maps

maps for mcpe

woodland mansion map for mcpe

mcpe maps for 0.16.0

minecraft pe maps

Important: This map will only work for version 0.16.0+ of Minecraft Pocket Edition because it uses some blocks which only exists in that version.

Download the Woodland Mansion Map for Mcpe

Dust2 Map for Minecraft PE

Dust2 Map for Mcpe

This is a perfect replica of Dust2 which is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike. It’s probably only going to be interesting for people who have played Counter-Strike a lot and know the ins and outs of the map. It does include some redstone options in the beginning of the map which allow you to grab some gear and play as two different teams (Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists).


Check out their twitter here

As mentioned above, this map is mainly for people who have played Counter-Strike, otherwise it will probably look quite boring (I’ll admit!). But whow, it really look very similar!

mcpe maps

dust 2 mcpe map



Download Dust2 Map for Mcpe

Temple Run Map for Minecraft PE

Temple Run Map for Mcpe

We’ve all played temple run right? We’ll this map is based around the popular game. This is a parkour map. Temple Run PE is a timed parkour map where the ground behind you will get pulled away by pistons as you continue through the map. Every two checkpoints you will get 10 seconds added to the clock but it’s never enough time to rest. You constantly have to be on your move if you want to complete this map.




You work as an archaelogist and currently you find yourself in a temple. As you reach out to grab a golden idol you can hear a rumbling sound and the ground beneath you starts shaking. Even though you are terrified you decide to make a run for it. Every 30 seconds or so the ground behind you is being pulled away and you constantly have to jump from one block to another to stay alive.temple run mcpe map

maps for mcpe


  • Never place or break blocks
  • Play on peaceful in survival mode

Download Temple Run PE for Mcpe

eggSplegg [Minigame] For Minecraft PE

EggSplegg [Minigame + Map] for Mcpe

eggSplegg is similar to the popular spleef minigame in Minecraft. The only difference is that you will be using an add-on which makes eggs explode when you throw them on the ground. The add-on will only work for version 0.16.0+ (iOS, Windows 10 Edition, Android etc). The objective is to be the last man or woman standing.


Check out their twitter here

How to play?

This map works similar to spleef maps. The difference is that you will be throwing explosive eggs to destroy the blocks below other players. If a player falls down through a hole in the ground then he’s out and is not allowed to enter until the current round has finished.


Before entering the arena select find an egg in your inventory and select it as your primary slot. (All players are supposed to play this map in creative mode.)

The last man or woman standing is the winner.



  • No flying
  • Once you have fell down you are not allowed to enter the arena until a round has finished
  • Play in creative mode

Download Eggsplegg


NXUS Modern Architecture Series

NXUS Modern Architecture Series for Mcpe

NXUS Modern Architecture Series is one of the most dedicated and realistic modern creations which is being built specifically for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The project started over a year ago and has since then grown into an amazingly detailed city consisting of skyscrapers, office buildings, a huge science center, embassies and a fully working metro system. It’s an endless source of inspiration and generally a mind-blowing city to explore.


Check out their website here

Need directions?
Go here to see a Map of the Map (haha)mcpe maps 0.16

mcpe maps 0.15

best map for mcpe


nxus map for mcpe

city map for mcpe

maps for mcpe

mcpe maps

How to Install the NXUS Map for Mcpe

Download the Map file
Unzip map using a file manager on your android device.
Copy the map
Navigate to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/)
Paste the map in the minecraftWorlds folder
Now have fun with your new map.

Download the NXUS Map for Mcpe

Sky Adventure Map Part 1 for Minecraft PE

Sky Adventure Map for Mcpe

Sky Adventure is a parkour map combined with mob battles which all takes place high up in sky among the clouds. There is a good mix of parkour. Some which you would most likely consider quite easy and other parts which will be challenging even for the more experienced players. It offers somewhere around 15 minutes of gameplay, but it all depends obviously on your own skill level.


Check out his twitter heremaps for mcpe

sky adventure map for mcpe


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Set render distance to low
  • Turn on difficulty

Install Sky Adventure Map for Mcpe

Download the Map file
Unzip map using a file manager on your android device.
Copy the map
Navigate to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/)
Paste the map in the minecraftWorlds folder
Now have fun with your new map.

Download Sky Adventure Map for Mcpe